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MetaHoot To-Do List/Bug List

Most of these items are not under development, just ideas I've had. If you really want any of them, tell me a tale.

Appearance Things

  • Table Column improvement: reordering unselects columns, new movies are sorted if a col is selected, clicking selected column unselects it. I just haven't figured out how to make NSTableView do it.
  • Popup triangles in movie controller - make them draw next to the text. I haven't done it because I'd have to measure the width of the text and then move the button around manually. The way it is now, NSButton does all that for me.

Editing Things

  • Website lookup should be implemented as a service, in addition to DnD and copy/paste. Dragging selected text especially can be frustrating. It usually helps if you click without moving for a bit before moving into the drag.
  • Occasionally saved movies have their video track's matrix resized to 0x0 for an unknown reason - Current theory is that those movies' video tracks were large enough to overflow the "lo" field of a "wide" struct; this is fixed. If this bug still happens, I want to hear about it.
  • Scene detection - in the Timeline view, jump forward or backward to the next detected scene change (based on user-adjustable metrics like pixel difference, overall color content, all black, etc)
  • Get cover images from EPG/TVT, movie frames, icns files, file icons (these used to work when the cover image was just the icon, but I don't know how to put them in movie metadata, so now only image files are supported)
  • Drag and Drop between other apps - offer drag sources for movies, and accept movies for drag destinations. QTPlayer does this I think. I don't really want to. Too unpredictable.

Wired Sprite Things

  • Media Skins - those QuickTime sprite things that replace the movie window. very complex to implement I imagine.
  • Sprites - color adjustments for easier rollover image creation (like brightness, hue, that kind of thing). Some information about how to translate "hue" into rgb logic would help here.
  • Hot button at the bottom of the movie so you can go to the menu or other weird things. This would allow a working "resume movie" button for instance, since you could have the hot button save the current time and go back to the menu at the beginning. This of course is possible now, but you'd have to create an invisible track to detect the mouse, and another track with the hot button, and change it's matrix and duration manually.

Playback Things

  • Smart ratings - maybe the movies could have their ratings adjusted by how often they are played...anyone care?
  • Text to speech - speak the subtitles. simple but difficult.
  • Support for subtitles in metadata as well as QT text tracks. They might be more easily searchable.
  • Bug: Movies are green and purple after 8 or more movies have been opened. This only happens in OS X 10.1. If anyone is still using 10.1, upgrade to 10.2 or greater to fix this bug.

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